May TBR!

Happy May!! Yesterday, I scheduled a time to go donate blood plasma in Delaware to help those sick with COVID-19 since I am already recovered! I’m not necessarily looking forward to it, but at least I know I will be helping people!

My May TBR is going to look a little different than normal, I’m trying something new out! I will only be planning my ebook and eARC reads because I had such a hard time getting into physical books last month. So instead of stressing myself, I will plan my library and Netgalley books and just leisurely read physical books without the pressure to read all of them! It’s just a test for this month, so we’ll see how this goes in like 31 days!

EBOOKS (from the library)

  1. Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin #1), Robin LaFevers
  2. Dark Triumph (His Fair Assassin #2), Robin LaFevers
  3. Mortal Heart (His Fair Assassin #3), Robin LaFevers
  4. Courting Darkness (Courting Darkness #1), Robin LaFevers
  5. Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters #1), Talia Hibbert
  6. The Bromance Book Club (Bromance Book Club #1), Lyssy Kay Adams
  7. The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern


  1. The Bride, Wendy Clarke
  2. The Plus One Pact, Portia MacIntosh
  3. Dark Skies (Dark Shores #2), Danielle L. Jensen
  4. The Trouble With Hating You, Sajni Patel
  5. Set Fire to the Gods (Set Fire to the Gods #1), Sara Raasch
  6. More Than Maybe, Erin Hahn
  7. Love Sold Separately, Ellen Meister
  8. Queen of the Unwanted (The Women’s War #2), Jenna Glass
  9. Where Dreams Descend, Janella Angeles
  10. Dear Emmie Blue, Lia Louis
  11. Keep My Heart in San Francisco, Amelia Diane Coombs
  12. The House Guest, Mark Andrews
  13. Igniting Darkness (Sampler) (Courting Darkness #2), Robin LaFevers

So, this is pretty adventurous, but we’re going to try to get through it all! My Netgalley ratio will love me!

How do you plan your TBR’s?

Happy reading, folks!

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