May Wrap Up – 2021 Edition

Hello from my newly married self! I apologize to my readers for my absence, things were just too hectic in May with the wedding to keep up with my blog. Now that I’m back, I will resume posting reviews for June! I’m starting up with my May Wrap Up, which is a lot smaller than normal. I basically didn’t pick up a book the last 2 weeks of the month because I had too much anxiety about the wedding. All I could do was watch Netflix and try not to freak out!

So, below are the 10 books I read in May. I mood read throughout the month, so this was not at all based on the TBR I posted earlier this month. I have plans for June, and the TBR post for that will be up tomorrow!


  1. People We Meet on Vacation, Emily Henry – 3/5 stars
  2. The Invited, Jennifer McMahon – 4/5 stars
  3. The Princess Will Save You (Kingdoms of Sand and Sky #1), Sarah Henning – 3/5 stars


  1. The Roommate Risk, Talia Hibbert – 3/5 stars
  2. The House in the Cerulean Sea, T.J. Klune – 4/5 stars
  3. Back in the Burbs, Tracy Wolff, Avery Flynn – 4/5 stars
  4. Life’s Too Short (The Friend Zone #3), Abby Jimenez – 4/5 stars


  1. The Soulmate Equation, Christina Lauren – 4/5 stars
  2. Life’s a Beach, Portia MacIntosh – 3/5 stars
  3. Tools of a Thief, D. Hale Rambo – 3/5 stars

I hope you had a great reading month!

Happy reading, folks!

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