January TBR!

Happy 2021 (again)! Here I come with my January TBR. I fell off TBR lists the last few months of the year but I really want to get back into it. I will be more mindful to carefully curate the list so I have a good balance of all categories. I am working on reading 10 books each month that are ARCs or related to ARCs, 1 book each month that was a recommendation from someone on bookstagram, and the rest will be trying to tackle my unread but owned books.

I have a general goal of reading about 20 books each month, but that isn’t a requirement. Last year I tried to make 2020 reading goals, and completely failed a them, so I’m not doing that this year. I want structure without rigidity. Expectations without requirements. Flexibility but with a routine. That’s how I’m going to take on this year.

So on that note, below are the books I’m planning to read this month!


  1. Diamond City (The City of Diamond and Steel #1), Francesca Flores
  2. Tower of Down (Throne of Glass #6), Sarah J Maas
  3. The Crow Rider (The Storm Crow #2), Kalyn Josephson
  4. The Bird and The Sword (The Bird and The Sword Chronicles #1), Amy Harmon
  5. Girls of Storm and Shadow (Girls of Paper and Fire #2), Natasha Ngan
  6. Red, White, and Royal Blue, Casey McQuiston
  7. These Divided Shores (Stream Raiders #2), Sara Raasch


  1. Paradise, Judith McNaught
  2. The Friend Zone (The Friend Zone #1), Abby Jimenez


  1. Scars of Cereba (Memoria Duology #2), Rachel Emma Shaw
  2. Lies Like Poison, Chelsea Pitcher
  3. These Violent Delights (These Violent Delights #1), Chloe Gong
  4. Roman and Jewel, Dana L. Davis
  5. Mr. Right Across the Street, Kathryn Freeman
  6. Shadow City (The City of Diamond and Steel #2), Francesca Flores
  7. Take a Chance on Me, Beth Moran
  8. Curse of the Divine (Ink in the Blood #2), Kim Smejkal
  9. As Far As You’ll Take Me, Phil Stamper
  10. Amelia Unabridged, Ashley Schumacher
  11. Glimpsed, G. F. Miller

What books are you planning to read this month?

Happy reading, folks!

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