eARC Review – The Meet Cute Method by Portia MacIntosh

Title: The Meet Cute Method

Author: Portia MacIntosh

Publisher: Boldwood Books

Publication date: May 4th, 2022

193 pages

4/5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

The brand new laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from the bestselling author of Life’s A Beach and Stuck On You.

Do movie romances ever happen in real life…?

Frankie doesn’t believe in true love. As relationships expert at popular magazine Stylife, she has learnt that dating disasters are far more common than happy ever afters.

So when she is tasked to find out if meet cutes can work in real life she is up for the challenge – but whether it’s being a damsel in distress with a flat tyre, or spilling coffee over a stranger, she isn’t convinced this can really lead to love.

But little does Frankie know that the ultimate meet cute opportunity is just around the corner. As she is whisked off her feet (all in the name of her work project of course…) perhaps true love isn’t just for the movies after all…?


I’m a big fan of Portia’s books, but The Meet Cute Method quickly stole my heart and became an instant favorite. I’ve never laughed and cackled as much for a book than I did while reading this one. The hijinks that Frankie gets into while trying to set up meet cutes for herself for an article she’s writing absolutely slayed me to the point that my husband called to make sure I was already from downstairs.

Portia also worked in so many tropes and romance plot lines into this book that it was honestly impressive, there’s fake dating, only one bed, workplace romance, and more. One issue I had with this book was that by the end I wasn’t a huge fan of either character honestly. They were very flawed (which is fine) but not in a way that I related to or found to be interesting. The whole concept was awesome and it was laugh out loud funny but the characters fell flat for me. Even the background characters weren’t great.

Thank you to Boldwood Books and Netgalley for an early copy in exchange for an honest review.

Happy reading, folks!

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