March Wrap Up – 2022 Edition

Already moving into April! I actually did a great job on my TBR for this month, specifically around the ARCs I wanted to read. I didn’t get through everything because my brain kept getting distracted by dark/smutty romance/reverse harems as you can probably tell but I am still proud of the books I was able to get through this month. I also had a lot of 5 stars reads this month which just further shows how great this month was for my reading.

I really got into an audiobook groove as well with mysteries/thrillers! I have been working for month on my ability to read audiobooks and I weirdly connect best with this genre in audio compared to anything else! I think it will really help me diversify my reading in terms of genre because I am much more interested in the genre when listening to it rather than ebook or physical. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea – but I’m just rolling with it. I can still read romance on audio but mysteries/thrillers really hit that sweet spot for me.

I also read some regency romances this month and that is generally not a preferred sub-genre of romance but I was sent some by publishers so I kind of had to. And I loved them. I think the more I read of them the more I connect with the story and can ignore the required sexism due to historical accuracy.

Tune in tomorrow for my April TBR!

  1. Solitary Sinners (Saint View Prison #2), Elle Thorpe – 4/5 stars
  2. Fatal Felons (Saint View Prison #3), Elle Thorpe – 4/5 stars
  3. Only When It’s Us (Bergman Brothers #1), Chloe Liese – 4/5 stars
  4. Twisted Games (Boys of Briar Hall #3), Elena Lawson – 4/5 stars
  5. Lock Every Door, Riley Sager – 4/5 stars
  6. A Far Wilder Magic, Allison Saft – 3/5 stars
  7. The Suite Spot, Trish Doller – 5/5 stars
  8. Reckless Girls, Rachel Hawkins – 3/5 stars
  9. Kamila Knows Best, Farah Heron – 3/5 stars
  10. Daughter, Kate McLaughlin – 5/5 stars
  11. Blood Scion (Blood Scion #1), Deborah Falaye – 5/5 stars
  12. Credence, Penelope Douglas – 3/5 stars
  13. Getting Clean with Stevie Green, Swan Huntley – 3/5 stars
  14. Lyric & the Heartbeats (Sweetverse #4), Lana Kole – 4/5 stars
  15. Triple Duty Bodyguards, Lily Gold – 4/5 stars
  16. Nanny for the Neighbors, Lily Gold – 4/5 stars
  17. Shared by the Billionaires, Cassie Cole – 3/5 stars
  18. A River Enchanted (Elements of Cadence #1), Rebecca Ross – 4/5 stars
  19. The Wedding Crasher, Mia Sosa – 4/5 stars
  20. Remember Me, Estelle Laure – 3/5 stars
  21. The One True Me and You, Remi K. England – 5/5 stars
  22. Final Girls, Riley Sager – 4/5 stars
  23. How to Survive a Scandal (Rebels with a Cause #1), Samara Parish – 4/5 stars
  24. How to Deceive a Duke (Rebels with a Cause #2), Samara Parish – 4/5 stars
  25. The House on Sunshine Corner (The Sunshine Corner #1), Phoebe Mills – 5/5 stars
  26. Sing Me Forgotten, Jessica S. Olson – 3/5 stars
  27. A Wedding on Sunshine Corner (The Sunshine Corner #2), Phoebe Mills – 5/5 stars
  28. A Flicker in the Dark, Stacy Willingham – 5/5 stars

Happy reading, folks!

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