December TBR – 2021 Edition

Happy last month of the year! Still not sure how we got here, but I am ready for 2022 and all it will bring for me. I’m finally feeling hopeful and happy about life (outside the global personal pan pizza, obvi) so I’m ready to start a new year off on a great foot.

So, I’m actually not doing a typical TBR this month. I have plans to read ARCs, library books, owned physical books, and audiobooks – but I’m not planning the exact titles. I spent the last few weeks really fighting against what I was “supposed” to read based on my plans and really just wanted to mood read. And that feeling hasn’t gone away. So I’m just going to be picking up what sounds good to me in the moment, and whatever titles come through on my library holds. And it feels super freeing. I’m very excited to see where the month takes me in reading.

Like I said, I do have some plans. I want to read at least 10 ARCs (very normal number for me), but I’m not looking at release dates or which one’s I’ve had for longest. Just the one’s that speak to me in the moment. I also have a large stack of library books that I’d like to read, especially the one’s due sooner rather than later. And I have stacks and stacks of books around the house that I’ve broken into genre and type of book that I can just grab when I’m ready.

This is what is making me happy this month, and I’m rolling with it. I’m currently in the middle of 3 books that were not on the original “plan” for this month, but I’m enjoying them and have no regrets. And that’s really what reading should be, right? Sometimes I forget I got into the blog, booksta, ARCs life because I enjoy reading – not because I wanted to turn it into a job. So for the last month of the year, I will just enjoy.

Hopefully I will have some amazing reads, and I’d love to hit 30 books again (I have a lot of time off for the holidays and we’re traveling far this year).

I hope you all have a great last month of 2021!

Happy reading, folks!

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