July Haul – 2021 Edition

I’m still trying to cut down on my book purchases because of wedding costs, but I did manage to grab a few this month. Mostly from Owlcrate if I’m being honest – so I’m not going to break it down like I normally would into sections. But, I want to thank Forever and Grand Central Publishing for sending me a finished copy of The Heir Affair.

I predict I will have a larger August haul, because I’m getting itchy to buy more books!!

  1. Sister of the Snake, Sasha Nanua
  2. This Poison Heart (This Poison Heart #1), Kalynn Bayron
  3. The Heir Affair (Royal We #2), Heather Cocks
  4. Wings of Shadow (Crown of Feathers #3), Nicki Pau Preto

What books did you pick up this month?

Happy reading, folks!

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