Book Review – A Vow So Bold and Deadly by Brigid Kemmerer


Title: A Vow So Bold and Deadly (Cursebreakers #3)

Author: Brigid Kemmerer

Publisher: Bloomsbury YA

Publication date: January 26th, 2021

408 pages

3/5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Face your fears, fight the battle.

Emberfall is crumbling fast, torn between those who believe Rhen is the rightful prince and those who are eager to begin a new era under Grey, the true heir. Grey has agreed to wait two months before attacking Emberfall, and in that time, Rhen has turned away from everyone—even Harper, as she desperately tries to help him find a path to peace.

Fight the battle, save the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Lia Mara struggles to rule Syhl Shallow with a gentler hand than her mother. But after enjoying decades of peace once magic was driven out of their lands, some of her subjects are angry Lia Mara has an enchanted prince and a magical scraver by her side. As Grey’s deadline draws nearer, Lia Mara questions if she can be the queen her country needs.

As the two kingdoms come closer to conflict, loyalties are tested, love is threatened, and a dangerous enemy returns, in this stunning conclusion to bestselling author Brigid Kemmerer’s Cursebreaker series.


“I often find comfort in the thought that fate has already drawn a path beyond what seems impossible.”

Brigid Kemmerer, A Vow So Bold and Deadly

A Vow So Bold and Deadly completes the Cursebreaker series, and to be honest it couldn’t end soon enough.

That’s somewhat harsh, but I feel like this story did not warrant a trilogy. It doesn’t make this last book bad, just average and forgettable for me. I think every character is so morally grey that even the reader can’t make a firm decision about who is right or wrong at any point in time. However, I loved Lia Mara, the side characters, and Isaak so I did take some enjoyment out of reading it.

I don’t have any regrets about this series, and I will continue to read Kemmerer’s books in the future. I wish I could have written these books how I wanted to have them go is all. I did find the ending to be pretty satisfactory all told. I expected to really not like the ending but it got the ending it deserved. I love the world Brigid has created and would also be open to reading more within this world if she ever goes back to it.

I guess what I’m saying is that after absolutely loving A Curse So Dark and Lonely, I found myself underwhelmed by the continuation books.

Happy reading, folks!

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