eARC Review – The Secret Bridesmaid by Katy Birchall


Title: The Secret Bridesmaid

Author: Katy Birchall

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Publication date: May 4th, 2021

400 pages

4/5 stars

Goodreads Synopsis

Matrimony meets mayhem in a modern British romcom about a young woman charged with pulling off the biggest aristocratic wedding of the year––and the misadventures that ensue.

Sophie Breeze is a brilliant bridesmaid. So brilliant, in fact, that she’s made it her full-time job.

As a professional bridesmaid, Sophie is hired by London brides to be their right-hand woman, posing as a friend but working behind the scenes to help plan the perfect wedding and ensure their big day goes off without a hitch. When she’s hired by Lady Victoria Swann––a former model and “It Girl” of 1970’s London; now the Marchioness of Meade––for the society wedding of the year, it should be a chance for Sophie to prove just how talented she is.

Of course, it’s not ideal that the bride, Lady Victoria’s daughter, Cordelia, is an absolute diva and determined to make Sophie’s life a nightmare. It’s also a bit inconvenient that Sophie finds herself drawn to Cordelia’s posh older brother, who is absolutely off limits. But when a rival society wedding is announced for the very same day, things start to get…well, complicated.

Can Sophie pull off the biggest challenge of her career––execute a high-profile gala for four hundred and fifty guests in record time, win over a reluctant bride, and catch the eye of handsome Lord Swann––all while keeping her true identity a secret, and her dignity intact?

Heartwarming and hilarious, The Secret Bridesmaid celebrates the joys (and foibles) of weddings, the nuances of female friendship, and the redeeming power of love in its many unexpected forms.


Sophie is the ultimate bridesmaid… for a price. For brides who need help with planning, a shoulder to cry on, and a professional who knows her way around weddings – they call Sophie. Sophie seamlessly assimilates into the bride’s life as a long lost friend, college pal, etc and helps them plan the most important day of their life. When she gets her biggest client to date, Lady Cordelia the Marchioness of Meade’s daughter, Sophie knows she needs to pull out all the stops to rocket herself to the next level in her career. But Cordelia has no interest in Sophie’s brand of bridesmaid and does everything she can to make Sophie quit. Can Sophie pull of the wedding of the century in England or will she crash and burn?

As someone who is getting married shortly after the release of this book, I knew it would be topical and was excited to read it. I found the antics in this book incredibly funny and enjoyable while maintaining the Adult Contemporary aspects. The hint of romance was very much welcome and appreciated. I loved the pranks Cordelia plays on Sophie and the emotional journey both women take together.

I could have used a bit more romance in this book, however I don’t think the book was diminished by being more light on the romance side – it’s just my preference. This leans more on the literary fiction side of the line, so if that is a favorite genre of yours I would recommend this title. No stand out critiques, though something was missing that could have taken it to a five star book in my opinion.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Griffin and Netgalley for an early copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Happy reading, folks!

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